About Us

At My Art Habit, we cater to digital art enthusiasts and pattern aficionados.

We believe that art should be an integral part of daily life, inspiring and uplifting us in our routines.

Community is at the heart of what we do. Art flourishes when people come together to motivate and inspire each other. That's why we're here: to inspire, to be inspired, and to share our passion for art and creativity with the world.

When people come together to motivate and inspire, that is when we grow. We welcome you to be a part of the community and come join the tribe!

Our Mission

To make art accessible through digital downloads, offering a curated collection of captivating seamless repeat patterns and stunning art pieces, each crafted with care and creativity.


Customer Feedback

Deb Croft

Really great design, just what I needed. The print quality is crisp - even when enlarged!

Mrs O

Color and print is very crisp, no pixelation! Printed on paper or fabric - it looks amazing on a pillow!